Hey there!

We're Erik & Machaela.

Our Story:

It was high school Homecoming back in 2010. Machaela was a freshman princess on the homecoming court and was dressed in a black formal dress and heels with a tiara on to top it off. After the halftime show where the Homecoming court is honored she watched the game against the fence all by herself. Then, some blonde-haired kid (thanks to Sun-In) and his friend came up to her and started talking.

Fast forward, those two would end up graduating HS and attending Pacific Lutheran University where both were two-sport athletes. Once graduated, they spent 3-weeks in Europe where they got engaged in Positano, Italy. They got married the following summer at Erik's childhood home and honeymooned in Bali and Thailand.

They have traveled to over 20 countries together and already can't wait to adventure to more places.

They have both loved photography since high school back when they would take pictures on their iPhone 4's. They have upgraded a bit since then ;).





About Erik

I have been taking photos and making videos for over a decade now (wow I'm old) and the pursuit of cool light and magical compositions never ceases to allure me. I currently teach high school photography and video production. For the past five years I have been extremely fortunate to connect with and be inspired by the young minds of the community that helped raise me.

Mac and I LOVE the outdoors and traveling to faraway lands, so the best way for us to keep those memories close to our hearts has always been to document it through visual storytelling. Storytelling is the goal we try to accomplish each time we are out on a shoot.





About Mac

One thing to know about me is that I just love to keep myself busy. The majority of the time you can find me teaching junior high students about health and fitness - and then during the spring time you can find me coaching HS track and field following the school day.

I'm a chronic people pleaser so please forgive my incredibly obnoxious amount of exclamation points in anything emailed or in text. With that being said I will spend countless of hours researching to make your big day perfect. Finding the best spots, reading trail reports, checking weather forecasts (cloud coverage percentage etc.), and creating a shot list.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to document the special moments in your life through visual storytelling. We cater to the wild hearts who aren't afraid of an adventure and (potentially) getting a little mud on them. If you can dream it, we will do everything in our power to make it happen!

We never want to dull the sparkle in your eyes - so be wild and we will be right there with you with a camera in our hands and a smile on our faces.

PNW Elopement Photographers
The Process
PNW Elopement Photographer Videographer

01. Connect

Share your story

Start out by filling out our form in the "Contact" section. Then let's talk! We can meet in person, chat on the phone, or FaceTime. This will be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and make sure we're all on the same page.

PNW Elopement Photographer Videographer

02. Conceptualize

Develop Your Vision

After we get some of the smaller things out of the way, LET'S DREAM WILD DREAMS. We can nail down locations, timelines, talk about outfits or bouquets. The limit does not exist!

PNW Elopement Photographer Videographer

03. Create

Bring it to life

The moment we've been building to... Once all of the plans and decisions have been made and the day arrives, all there is for us to do is to begin the process of visual storytelling.